The Crew

Namaste! Welcome Aboard.

I am Tarun. The founder and author of the blog. Ephemeral Enigma is a blog that was created in July 2015. True to its words, life is a short-lived mystery. Within this short period we are always in the verge of discovering the future. But, the fact is future is permanent and cannot be discovered as we are still in the present. So, we should take time and appreciate the happenings of today. This blog will provide the readers a chance to learn more about the places, activities, and increase the interest level.

I constantly regret for all these years that were spent without being ‘up and close’ or one with the nature. I personally believe that we should take a break every once in two years and travel to all the amazing wonders that the nature has given us in its raw form. The main purpose of creation of such a blog was to make people understand that, they should not forget that they are living in and present and constantly be worried about the future or past. The present is very beautiful and they have to take time to admire the present and spend some quality time without being worried about the same.

A blog is a treasure of memories down the lane. Everyone should maintain a blog like how a person writes his/her diary.



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