Escape to Paris! PART I

Bonjour! We have worked 24/7 to gather some of the great places for you to visit if you are heading your way to Paris, Capital of France. Here is a quick informational guide about Paris

  • Best time to visit: June to August (Tempeature record is in the 70s mark) as the weather is just about parfait (perfect). But, don’t forget that summer is the most crowded and expensive time of the year.
  • Iconic Landmarks. From Effiel tower to the Arc de Triomphe, Paris won’t let you down
  • Chic Shopping! Champ-Élysées and Rue St-Honoré are the shopping stops.
  • Bon Appétit: heavenly food around every corner. From baguettes to Michelin- star restaurants, you’ll find everything here.
  • Serene: Beauty is in the air. The river bridges and islands bring you close to nature.
  • Historic Architecture: Monuments like Louvre de- Paris and Musée Rodin look classy.
  • It’s truly the City of Light for a reason.

Passport and Visa Control (Please do not solely rely on the authenticity of information in this page as it may not be cent percent correct) 

  • Hold a valid Passport not expiring within the 90 days of your travel period. Or even up to the next six months.
  • Identify the specific French tourist visa requirements for your Country. The tourist visa will be valid for a three month period. (Validity period may be revised)
  • Make an appointment with the French Consulate, well in advance (2-4 months)
  • Fill up the Schengen Visa Application form and make sure that all the necessary documents are handy. Application fees may apply upon submission.
  • Submit your documents, photos (3.5*4.5 cm, with 80% of face definition) DOCUMENTS may include:
  • Hotel and tour reservations
  • Flight details (Departure and Arrival)
  • Proof of medical Insurance coverage
  • Original bank statements from last 3 months
  • Proof of residency
  • Wait approximately 2 to 4 weeks in order to obtain your sanctioned tourist visa

Please refer to the French Consulate guide in your region for official information and paperwork

Getting ready for your Travel 

We leave it to the French to create a style that’s comfy chill. It is advised that you pack:

  • Rain gear
  • A pair of comfy walking shoes
  • Sweater or shawl to keep yourself warm
  • You can never tell about the weather, so keep yourself ready to face any weather.
  • Tissues and sanitation kit for public washrooms

Paris etiquette: is highly appreciated everywhere. The Parisians are known for their politeness and exchange of formal greetings. Learning few key French words will make it easier to gel with the people.

  • Bonjour- Greetings
  • Au- revoir- Farewell
  • Use the term Monsieur/Madame when communicating with the elderly and Monsieur/Mademoiselle with the young.
  • Always say s’il vous plaît- Please, Merci- Thank you.

Stores: are functional between 10am and 7pm, some stores may be open until 11pm. Commercial streets may be open till 2am, depending on the tourist seasons.

Emergencies: The French National Health Care are organized and equipped completely with all modern equipments and trained staffs on call 24/7. Call 112 for any Emergencies in France (Fire, Police and Ambulance)

All Aboard! 

Transportation: The most efficient way to get around Paris are:

  • Taxi travel: Travel rates are based on location and time. The basic fare is €2.50 for all rides. Per kilometer may range between €0.96-€1.50. Charges may apply for luggage and extra passenger
  • Train travel: The most punctual, comfortable and fast form of travel. TGV’s take you around the country. It accelerates between 255 kph to 320 kph. Fares are subjected to rise during peak days or weekends. EurailPasses help you to travel unlimited on basis of days or months. Ranges approximately €0.34 per min. Students enjoy special fares as per SNCF instructions.
  • Bicycle travel: A wonderful way to get different views of Paris 😊 Self service based. One day pass is approximately €1.70.
  • Boat travel: Slow but spectacular views of Paris.
  • Bus travel: Cost efficient way to travel around the city.
  • Métro travel: Equally cost efficient way to travel in and around the city. Service starts by 5:30am and continues until 1am/ 2am. All metro purchases can be used for tram services also.

Things to do!

We cover most of the part. Here is the glimpse:

  • Sights
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife
  • Performing Arts

To see more of ‘things to do’ in Paris and much more, see Part II. Until then it’s Au- Revoir.


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